Wednesday, September 26, 2007

dulce means sweet

Well, I was keeping this under wraps until it came to fruition but my meeting with this consignment store turned out sweet. Like candy.
I have 6 pieces on consignment at this swank showplace on Oak Lawn Ave. One of the pieces is my newest, just finished, hot off the press painting. I think they'll be hanging in about a week. Please go visit my pieces. :)
I'm drinking some bubbly because all my hard work has finally started to edge those doors open a little. On one side of the scale you're working on hardwood floors with bruised ankles ruining your eyes over some blob of paint and the end result is your stuff is hanging amongst triple digit price tags and hopefully soon- to be hanging in someones lovely home.
The joy of creating and letting go.
I'm going to keep this little moment for a bit.
Dulce Interior Consignment Showplace
2914 Oak Lawn Ave. Dallas, Tx.

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