Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hit Random

Theres a picture of my friend Richard Ross wandering around the show I curated: The Natural State. I have amassed lots of photos of my most recent escapades and just wanted to post a few as nice reminders. This show was fun and the artists were so talented. It was a lot of work but I think I should be ready to do another one in the Spring so hope everyone is steadily coloring up their canvases.

Last weekend I went with my sister and family to Traders Village to see the Native American heritage Festival. This is always a treat! There are dance competitions and it is really so lovely, all the costumes, community and mmmmm Fry Bread! You can go sit in the teepee and browse all the vendors selling their Native American wares. I was broke so ended up buying some seashells from this man called The Seashell Man. Seriously. I need a name as cool as that.
It was mega hot and I think next year I will go to the night dances if the weather is steamy again. I came home sunburned and ready to upchuck my Indian taco. Heat and Tigerbees are a bad mix.

Heres a picture from my birthday party. My friend brought me this "Italian Godzilla". Although most people think it's just a dinosaur. He and I had several dances together. I'm still trying to figure out where to put the little monster in my apartment. Kind of already looks like my apartment was devastated by monsters!

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