Saturday, September 15, 2007

Plastic Pop

It's one of those weekends. I'm not quite ready to paint on the big scary canvas and am having to be quiet because my man is sleeping through a bout of vertigo in the next room. So I've taken to working at my worktable on some little crafts I had long abandoned. Those being the little plastic pop ornament thingies. I hated the idea of these perfect circles (I love circles) going to the landfill and since everyone burns cds you can just imagine how many of these things are out there. So while I'm not making a big dent I did tell all my friends to save these for me and my nefarious crafty schemes. Here is the first one I finished. It's sitting on etsy waiting for someones wall or fridge. Oh yeah, theres a nifty little magnet back there (and fishing line for wall hanging. The possibilities for these plastic pop things could be endless.

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