Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kick It

I had a nice response from my myspace postings concerning my etsy shop. Although no purchases which would have been the nicest response! But a savvy gal in the UK who is making the site for an online store is interested in carrying some of my pieces and she is also doing an art store to sell paintings and wants me on board. I am currently trying out different avenues to get my work seen and exposed and SOLD. Hey, I'm living hand to mouth, ain't no shame in saying I need the money. So this little endeavor and I'm going to be shopping my stuff to some locals in the next few weeks and then my website and I'll feel like 2007 was a productive, creative year for me.
Today I have set aside for painting. Yep. I'm going to do it. The big canvas. It needs to be re-primered and started anew. I have a box commission I need to start delving into and some loose end ebay stuff to settle. Typical Sunday in the hive!

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