Saturday, September 22, 2007


That's a picture of my little Hamuchan pencil topper. Isn't he so cute? I got him at the Kinokuniya bookstore in SFs Japantown. It's that kinda day today. I am missing San Francisco and it's too cold tap water.
I think it has partially to do with seeing Sea and Cake last night, getting beer spilled on my shoe and being airconditioned to death at House of Blues. It all amounted to me being freezing, which I always was in San Francisco.
Things have really picked up in the hive. I launched my new site! Well, it's like a simple baby site that I wanted to have online so when I get a pro to design it they have a better feel of what I'm doing and want. Please go visit it and give me your feedback:
Since I launched it I got some good leads of places interested in my artwork. Don't want to jinx it though so we'll save the champagne for another blog hopefully.
Anyway, steady working on my latest painting. Another productive weekend in my little hive. Buzz, I go.

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