Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Series

So I haven't blogged since the show and my vacation and while I got NO painting done on my vacation I did get my studio in order so now my evenings can be consumed with painting (when I'm not recording at Shapes Central). I'm not sure if blogger will let me do a slideshow but I'm going to attempt to show you my paintings I finished and which just came off the walls at Artclub

I've got a bigger than usual canvas to re-prime then I'm off to tackle my next piece. Momentum, momentum, momentum! My birthday present to myself is going to be investing in a nicely designed site for my art. Hopefully that wil be underway soon.
Till then I'm planning the next Lollipop Shoppe (we've been planning it for AGES!)called Glitter Glamboree and just loving the fantastic weather changes!
Bring on Autumn!

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Treblephone said...

Yes, weather. :)