Monday, May 21, 2007

Pool Blue and Aquamarine: A Painters Journal

Today I started my first work. Not having any canvases I am using what I have (paper and board) until I can hunt down some nice canvas. The kind museum people don't scoff at you about, the kind you learned how to make in highschool yourself by pulling and stretching until your knuckles were bloody and the damn thing could bounce a penny off it.
I liked the two colors staring at me from my work desk and decided to keep these initial works spare and move up into the tangled masses of color if the work called for it. Those colors were "pool blue" and "aquamarine", granted they conjured up images of ocean vistas and swank swimming pools and my mind wandered to "vacation" instead of the work at hand. "Vacation" is now a place in my mind and not something you do. It is the ultimate as-of-right-now-out-of-reach place and I figured just right now by writing can probably be used in my work. My work dealing with Nature. These works won't be about water though so it will be interesting to see how these shades work out in the context they're being used for. Are painters diaries so dull? I've read snippets of Paul Klees and Matisses journals and figured it helps artists sort their brains and ideas. I definitely need that. At any rate, the first work or sketch or rough draft is underway and I've conquered the hard part. Starting.

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