Friday, May 18, 2007

Self Imposed Art Camp

After taking a long, hard look at my finances it became apparent that I wouldn't be able to afford an amazing vacation this summer. SAD FACE! But I'm going to take some time off anyway, for sanitys sake, and really crack down on my artwork. My paintings have gotten pushed aside for some time now due to lack of space, too much going on in other areas of my life i.e. band, Lollipop Shoppe. But it is the one constant in my life that I've always had no matter what and didn't need to rely on anyone else for. All the bullshit and nonsense that comes with dealing with the music scene and the people it attracts is on the oposite spectrum of the process of creating your work. I always aim to only please myself in my paintings and sometimes thats a hard line to walk as a musician.
So I'll spend a little cash on some canvas and frames and really tear into my new ideas for a series. I'm hoping that our first Lollipop Shoppe at the new venue Artclub is where the new work will be unveiled. Of course all aspects of my multifaceted life have to clash and collide at some point, right?

Interesting art link posted on craiglsist today:

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