Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What the hell, a new post!

Like many of my brethren bees I got lost from my hive. But I found my way back! I was thinking about doing something new with this blog but we'll see if it comes to fruition. My "other new" blog is kind of on hiatus as I don't have time to chase down resource links and no ones really posted any yet, but I haven't really been all that proactive in spreading the word so it's my fault.
At any rate this bee did not die out in the field, she's just been busy with life. I discovered hiking and how much I love it. My next step is to put some air in my bike tires and get some riding in before what we call Summer (and also HellFire) come to be. I've also sold off most of my handpainted boxes, started the packing process (possible new hive for me?), been vigilantly recording and practicing, booked a fantastic Summer opener show, been interviewed, have made some progress with those mysterious pains and generally been loving life for better or for worse. Maintaining this attitude will be a feat of strength but it's good to be back at the hive again!

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Billy K said...

I'm "in the know."

I almost deleted this link a few days ago.