Saturday, September 27, 2008

Early Bird gets the WORM

Christie Cottage

Christie Cottage is filled to the brim with warm, traditional and fun knitted and crocheted coziness. If it can be sewn you will most likely find it here. I really like the fingerless glove and neck warmer sets and the lovely black scarf (pictured above) that is all hand knit.
Theres also some cute little cell phone cozies and personal pouches and what girl doesn't need these? What I really liked most about Christie Cottages shop is the underlying spirit of passing on handmade items. In her profile she writes "The simple things in life are best. They are easily afforded. And are by far the most appreciated." I think this is so sweet and something I keep in mind when I'm giving handmade gifts as well. Go get cozy over at Christie Cottage on

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