Thursday, September 18, 2008

Free Love Friday!

Kreated By Karina

If theres such a thing as a bath junkie that would be me. Squeaky clean me. Soap fragrances are like candy flavors and I must know what each of them smell like. I was intrigued by this Bamboo and Teak soap featured in Karinas shop, of which she boasts "reminds me of staying in a log cabin...snow building up outside, and sitting around the fireplace sipping hot chocolate, or of freshly split wood...without the heaviness or smokiness of typical woodsy scents." Fabulous! I am so there and so cozy! And so clean! I might be snatching this up for me and my boyfriend since it's a unisex scent and the toasty holidays are just around the corner. Great array of bath soaps and lip balms at Kreated By Karina on

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