Saturday, September 27, 2008

Early Bird gets the WORM

Avocado Creations

This lovely Mod Orange Shopping Bag from Avocado Creations caught my eye. I am really loving the eco friendly mindset of everyone these days and the shopping bags on etsy are so much cooler than the ones they sell in the grocery store. I love taking bags like these to my local Farmers Market on the weekend and just filling them up with delicious local food. Good on the environment and good for helping out crafty artisans trying to make a living.
Avocado creations has an assortment of these delicious bags as well as some fun jewelry and wristlets. And I just love the care taken to give you something special- heres how your bag comes delivered
pretty with a bow!
Hit up Avocado Creations on and say bye bye to plastic bags for good!

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