Saturday, September 27, 2008

Early Bird gets the WORM- or Free Love Fridays the Saturday Morning Edition!

Vintage Vision

This week was so busy I had to push the Free Love Friday postings to this morning. But that's ok, because theres nothing more fun than reading blogs and drinking coffee in your pajamas, right?
Today I posted Early Bird Gets the Worm and 5 etsy early birds flew right in. The first of them was Vintage Vision who sells lovely vintage items, collectibles and figurines in her shop. I really like what it says on her shop announcement:
"My goal is to offer a variety of wonderful items in the shop from the past that can't be replaced with the new or modern item's of today."
I'm a big fan of vintage, the quality was much better and people just took more time on their craft in my opinion. In todays mass produced, quickly cranked out society I appreciate good craftmanship and attention to detail and quality. I really loved this little bone china owl in her shop and if you appreciate and collect vintage too then go visit her shop Vintage Vision on

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