Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Meaning of Washing Dishes

Whats funny about this to me is it reminded me what a little bullheaded kid I was. The first time my Dad asked me to wash dishes.....change "asked" to "told" rather, I cried. I burst into tears as if it was punishment. I washed dishes with tears streaming down my face I was so indignant. I was just a kid. I should be outside playing or watching tv I thought.
Then later as a teen I had joined a dojo for Aikido. What did they make us do after our training was over? We had to put the matts away and CLEAN the floor. I was so upset and thought it was so beneath me. Oh the teacher is just using us so they don't have to pay for a maintenance crew I thought.
Then if my boyfriend didn't wash dishes or help me clean I would get so peeved and tried to make him feel bad about not helping to keep the place clean.
But I noticed something very strange in my 30s. I...dare I say....liked? I kind of liked doing the dishes? I kind of liked doing the dishes, there...I said it. And what's even weirder, I felt kinda peaceful doing them. There was a pleasure in cleaning and purifying the dirtiness and making your little abode back into a proper temple. Order and not chaos. I can almost meditate while washing dishes. I definitely get into what is called "flow". It's the weirdest damn thing but it's true and now I truly laugh when I'm washing dishes and think of myself at 8 years old crying over the sink. Theres a lesson in washing dishes. If you think of what that is let me know. A friend of mine said the lesson is getting a dishwasher. Everyones got jokes.

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ishi said...

i remember the first time i got to do the dishes i was really excited - i felt so grown up. i used to really enjoy doing dishes - as an adult, not as much. i do feel good after i get them done, though.