Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I'm getting ready to move in about a month so the one word that's been repeating itself over and over in my mind is "PURGE!". It's amazing how much paper one person can collect in one tiny drawer alone, let alone a whole apartment. I've been reading some decluttering tips over at zenhabits and I think I've got my motivation on.
Whenever I sit down to watch tv this week I'm going to have a drawer to clean out, papers to tear into bits and a big bag to fill with trash or donation stuff. Just packing away the overflowing cupboard of dishes made me feel light and airy. It's a good feeling. Who needs all this stuff anyway?
Why do I have 7 CVS cards that have not been activated? 5 of the same bus schedule? Receipts from dinner 3 years ago? Why in the world have I been carrying this weight around in my dresser drawers while my clothes have no place to live?
Don't get me started on clothes, which like bunnies have multiplied till one would think a good handful of people live in my apartment as opposed to two and three cats...and they don't like to wear clothes.
So yes, as the seasons change and I get ready for a new habitat I also get ready for new habits and ....that elusive thing called SPACE.
If you also need some motivation to get your decluttering bug fired up- I would hit up Leos blog zenhabits and remember -purge, purge, purge!


w said...

because the cvs cards are so pretty. that shiny white and red. it's like christmas. only without the green.

fuzzbuzz said...

I need to learn how to make something crafty with them ;-)