Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sweet Tooth Killers

My friend Dan was fresh in from Argentina where he'd been working when he heard it was my birthday. Always prepared, he had brought a whole boxload of these much requested cookies (these are no ordinary cookies hot damn diggity dawg damn!)

These are the ultimate little sweet tooth killers. And they come in a fancy box that looks like you're getting some Cuban cigars. Theres only six of these heavenly (hellish?) delights per box but you could easily share ONE because they are so rich and thick. I really can't do these things justice so I'll leave you with someone elses description:

Havanna Alfajores Cookies
by Evan Orensten

"I found these Argentinian treats in a coffee shop in Miami and haven't stopped talking about them (and eating them) all week. Made by the well known Havanna brand, the best of the five flavors are the Dulce de Leche, which are coated in meringue. The textures and flavors create an uncommonly complex experience. These cookies are big and rich, and I find that one is more than enough to get the job done. The look and heft of the package is impressive and makes a great gift. If you can't find them in your neighborhood, they are available online from a great Latin food resource you should know about anyway: Amigo Foods. A box of 12 (6 chocolate, 6 dulce de leche) will cost you around $24."

$$24!!! Do I feel like a Princess? Damn straight I do! But.....what will I do when they're gone? ;( Order them online. Sigh!

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