Saturday, September 27, 2008

Early Bird gets the WORM

Flirt Buttons

Ah bribery! After filling my usual 5 feature quota this sneaky Flirt Buttons bribed me with one of her cute free gifts. But after peeking in her shop I see I didn't need to be bribed to feature her. SO MUCH CUTE STUFF! From buttons to pocket mirrors to bottle openers (like the white rabbit bottle opener featured above) and pendants like this cute little hedgie:

Theres just such an array of cute little gifts you will have fun sifting through the buttons.....ooh a gnome, a fancy owl and a cute bunny! Theres also some sweet Halloween pocket mirrors...go reflect on Flirt Buttons shop on
p.s. if anyone loves me i think this little guy is rad:


Flirt Buttons said...

Excellent!!!! Looks great. Thank you for blogging. Your goodies will be shipped early in the week. and I won't have to blog today!!!!!

fuzzbuzz said...

Luckily I like blogging...and free goodies! ;-)