Friday, September 05, 2008


Yes, it's Free Love Friday again and that means five people have been given some free promo love here on my blog. I did an experiment today. I posted my usual announcement on Myspace and got my usual no one cares for free promo attitude. Then I posted it on etsy and it was WILDFIRE. Everyone is trying to get their little crafties seen and loved. I love my little etsy community, so much warmer and fuzzier than deadspace..I mean, myspace.
Anyway- I have a feeling some myspacers are gonna sneak something in later so heres a two parter. I'm doing double duty in the love department today. First up is ETSY LOVE!


I just had to list this little beauty from fivefootfury13's shop. Mainly because I'm a sucker for Pink Floyd, granted I'm a Syd Barrett era kinda gal this is still one rockin' piece of jewelry! Beautiful beadwork here such as this rose headband

very unique totally bead crazy stuff here! Check her out!
fivefootfury13 on etsy!

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Fivefootfury13 said...

Yay! Thanks for including me in your Free Love Friday. 8)