Thursday, January 27, 2011


This is yesterdays HOUR SWAP painting which fetched $33! The cats meow...thats my half of the electric bill! These have been well received and really I can't believe how the project has taken off in so short a time.
I am set to appear on Good Morning Texas on Feb 11th! So excited!
But I've already blogged all about this on my other blog and I wanted to talk about motivation here.
Lately I have been getting messages from friends telling me I am really inspiring them and motivating them. Some people are contemplating quitting their jobs and trying to make a go of their dreams. Others are motivated to be more productive, on their artwork or own businesses. While all the wonderful words telling me that I inspire you are very humbling I must pass your thank yous on to the Universe. Not to sound like a hokey hippie dippy chick but I am just a person who has learned to "receive" and through receiving "giving". Anything I have learned through other people, reading or my own mistakes and successes in life I pass on to you but I am not the source. I am a small transmitter in the Universe, we all are. This may not make any sense and thats ok, I probably need a second cup of coffee.
I will say that one thing I think is very important in trying to make a go of your dreams is believing that you can....sounds very Disney but you'd be surprised at how simple and real this is. Also you must learn to look at your obstacles as "opportunity". Obstacles challenge you, your obstacles are your own very unique problems. No one else might have just the same obstacles as you and therefore you must find your own unique solutions to the obstacles. Not viewing them as obstacles but your own special tools to build on. Aren't these how great inventions are made? Someone sees a problem and therefore a great invention must be made to solve it.
And last but not least and really this should right up there with believing you can- THANKFULNESS. You did not get all the way where you are in life all by yourself. You have existed in a world where people have helped you in some way or fashion. Either by encouraging, teaching or giving you tools you need. Even those bad people in your life who try your patience are giving you something. Thank them all! I thank my really bad job situation for lighting a wildfire in me to get the hell out of there. I thank the people who have been mean to me for showing me that is NOT the way to go through life. Thank everyone and everything for strengthening your armor, for giving you fuel for your fire, for training you for an amazingly hard track you're about to run and the only race that will mean anything in your life. Chasing your dreams. Don't let life slip you by, just decide that you want it and that you WILL get it.

I've not changed my status in life since making my own way in the world as an artist. In fact I'm broke. Poor by the worlds standards. But damn if I am not SO happy to be doing what I love to do everyday. Something that fulfills me and that other people can enjoy. What I was meant to do. My goal is not to be rich and famous but simply succeed at doing what I love to do. My purpose. Everyone has one. JUST DO IT!

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