Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1/25/11 Unbelievable

Here is yesterdays HOUR SWAP piece which I am pleased to say went for $42! WOW! Amazing! The bidding went on hot on the heels of some interesting news I got yesterday.
Last week I posted over on Craigslist about my Hour Swap in order to gain some more readers, get some more exposure, etc. Fully prepared for the usual couple of spam letters I get from posting over there. Strangely I didn't get any spam. In fact I got ONE solitary email and it simply asked if I was located in the metroplex.
Usually I wouldn't answer such a question from an anonymous Craigslist responder but the address it came from intrigued me, "wfaa"...which is a local TV channel. So I responded with a "Yes, Im in the metroplex and thanks for checking out my art" message.
Yesterday when I got back from my supply run and gym I see another email from the same person and it reads
"I’m a producer with Good Morning Texas at WFAA/Channel 8.
Would you be interested in coming on the show to talk about your “Hour Art Project”?
It sounds like it could be a lot of fun."
UNBELIEVABLE! And this couldn't have come at a better time, I'm eeking through what looked like the last month of me "living my dream" trying to be a self employed artist and was about to hit Craigslist employment section when this little piece of gold bonked me on the head!
So much to do to make sure this opportunity is as productive as possible. Things like this do happen?! To regular ol' poor artists like me?!
You should keep up with my other blog - it seems to be quite the buzz right now!

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