Sunday, January 30, 2011


It's Sunday January 30 and I have exactly 12 days to finish a stack of records and about 3 canvases. I am trying not to freak out. I am trying to enjoy every minute of the rush and bustle and I'm trying not to feel so damn tired.
I blame a glass a red wine which I never drink. The stuff makes me feel stuffed up and sleepy. Cute pink shoes which I never wear (because my Nikes are my mainstay) didn't help my already tired legs. Working outside on the concrete didn't help my back nor did sitting on a cement floor at yesterdays meeting.
I am all kinds of sore and tired and stuffy today and unfortunately NO REST IN SIGHT!
Today would be grocery day and grocery day involves me riding my bike about two miles and fitting what I can manage on my back and in my basket.
How much do I NOT feel up to this task today?
But it's got to be done, my friend needs food for her lunches and I need food to maintain some energy.
I spent a good 5 hours on a new canvas yesterday. I was able to work outside and be inspired by the birds, the sun and the sound of windchimes. When the sounds turned to my neighbors kids playing basketball and said basketball constantly rolling behind me onto our porch I decided to pack it in.
I think I will kickstart this day with a hot cup of coffee and a super long soak in a hot bath and hope that puts some pep back in my step. I don't know where the rock is gonna come from but I need to pull it outta somewhere quick!

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