Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today I am locking myself in my studio in a right proper LOCKDOWN DAY! So much stuff I needed to do this week didn't get done, plans popped up, plans fell through and I lost a solid day of work that I need to catch up on. Lockdown day means I DON'T check facebook ten times a day and my cellphone gets left in another part of the house where it can't interrupt. (Thats actually a general rule for me on most days anyway)
I am at work. At Work! It is really hard to get into the work zone when you know you have something to do at some point in the day or know you will have to stop for some reason or other so today I do not exist to anyone and hopefully I will get stuff done.
Yesterday I did get a mandala record done that I'm donating to a charitable event and group. I also primed a box and wrote some business proposals to a couple of places.
Funds are dying every day and I'm trying my best not to stress out about it but OUCH this seat is HOT!
Working for yourself has it's ups and it's downs, this is the downside- STRESS OVER FINANCES.
Have you peeped my Etsy shop lately? :)
Everyone have a productive day!

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