Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Jan 4- Bicycle Around the World Day

I just looked at my calendar and noticed two things. One is that it says "Bicycle Around the World Day" on Jan 4th and the second that I hadn't blogged since the New Year began.
Not really sure what Bicycle Around The World Day is but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to participate in it. I did participate in Run Around The Park Day today though, hopefully it's in the same spirit!
I started the year with a little sugar in my gas tank. Uncertain news about my health that could be nothing or could be something, either way I'm trying to stay positive about the whole thing. And how do we do that? By staying busy as hell and creative in the studio.....and by running around the park! Started the week off with Pilates and strength training at the gym along with my usual elliptical training. On my off days from the gym I'm tracking my mileage with neighborhood runs, in the cold, in the sun...I am there, running!

I'm adding Yoga to my schedule this week and also the first hike of the year this weekend with the Texas Trail Trekkers. Texas Trail Trekkers is a hiking group I organized because I LOVE being outside. It's a total inspiration, refresher, recharger for me. So very physical week for me and feeling great about it.
Cleaned the studio right proper and regained my working table from the clutter monster. Working on some boxes today and some records if time allows. Busy bee me.
Hope everyone is enjoying a creative start to the New Year as well. If you're interested in the Trail Trekkers click the link!

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