Friday, January 07, 2011

Spotlight Friday!

Today I wanted to catch up on SAYING THANK YOU to some sweet Etsy people who have put me in treasuries of late. I will be doing a Thank You Treasury at some point this weekend but for now a Blog Shout Out to the kind sweet strangers who have put me in some really cool treasuries of late. This is usually called Five For Friday but there were more sweet people than I could count on one hand. Who are these people and what do they do? Let's find out!

MoMoPics shop is a wonderful little trip through baby onesies and tiny tees. It was hard to choose which picture to show off from her shop but I thought the sneaky duck running through the camo was pretty wonderful!

petekdesign Now here's a Tea Party poster I can get down with! Wonderful stuff at petekdesigns shop, it was hard to choose just one image since the "If You Wanna Kiss KISS DONT TALK" poster made me giggle. If you must know I'm an avid "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" fan and I know how that quote came about. Lots of cool stuff in Hebrew too as this shop is from Israel.

TBMarie how your shop makes me want your jewelry! Just take a look at some of these pretty little rings n things! I love the dangling rings and the affordable prices. Unique stuff, I've not seen rings put together like this before. This shop is in Croatia and has some really lovely stuff!

Connect The Dots Crafts has some seriously awesome repurposed and recycled stuff! Featured above....coin purses made out of various drink cartons! AAAAGH! How cool! There are also some really neat utility aprons and gift tags in her shop, and earrings...oh go look already!

Muds Evolution Pottery I was going to feature the totally rad noodle bowl at first glance but then saw....Ginkgo! I am a sucker for Gingko, their beautiful elegant little shape, color...a magical little plant. So needless to say I really love these little ginkgo leaves and someone should buy them for me. Really. Go check out the wonderful pottery in this shop, lovely pieces every one!

Amoronia made it really hard to choose a photo also. Sweet little nest earrings or the amazing green Two-gether necklace or...or....check out this beautiful shop of amazing jewelry! Aren't these little nest earrings so precious?!

Thank you so much to the sellers featured above for making my Etsy experience wonderful, it's amazing what a kind act can do for a persons morale. Happy Crafting everyone and enjoy your weekend!


Amoronia said...

This is a wonderful post, thanks! Something tells me I will love following your blog :)

fuzzbuzz said...

Thank you Amoronia! I really love your shop, such wonderful pieces!