Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Slow Down

It's been a week of making, doing, meetings, meetups and now a little Sunday slow down before it starts all over again.

I feel like I have a lot of little pots on the stove and I'm hoping one of them will offer up a tasty stew to feed me.
Sales are slow. But I have decided not to stress or worry over it, merely keep creating and really looking at each new opportunity that presents itself to me as a potential rung on the ladder to something else.
Worked on some mock up "invitations" for one of those potential opportunities and was pleased with how far I've taken my skills as an artisan. I still have some terribly bad photos of the first stuff I posted on Etsy back in 2007. I really don't know how anything sold with those horrible photos!
I was featured in a gorgeous treasury yesterday so that is always a little pick-me-up. Check out The Vintage Gangs treasury GREEN TEA. As with all treasury makers-I will be putting Vintage Gang into a treasury too and also a little blog spotlight this week.

Heres the poster design for THE SHAPES reunion show I did. Looking forward to this and also knowing I need a lot of practice to get my fingers and voice back into shapes for this- no pun intended.
Speaking of shaping up- I lost 3 lbs since I took on the Pilates + Yoga + Running + Biking! I can feel my body getting stronger and I have more energy! It's important for artists who are sedentary by nature to be active. Take time away from your easels and work tables and get outside and get your heart pumping!
It looks like a wash today with rain steady in the forecast. Bread baking day and more studio time for me.
Everyone have a relaxing Sunday!

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