Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Day

Sometimes you just wake up feeling like it is a "new day". Well, of course it is but you must also turn the page in your mind. All yesterdays problems, events and things to do are over and things begin anew -with new outlook, idea and color. Its a cold 33 degrees but from my window I see blue sky and golden sun pouring over the fence. A new day. A good day.
I forsee a good run and some mileage on my shoes today, warm meals made from scratch and the completion of orders which I am so thankful to have.
Yesterdays HOUR SWAP project is featured above, it went for a high bid of $20! This has been a good week for me in the DIY money making project department. I am full of gratitude and humility at everyones interest and kindness.
This weekend I'll be posting some spotlights and doing a little local spotlight on a neighborhood business I adore. Love where you live!

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