Friday, January 14, 2011

Out and About

Yesterday was a thoroughly productive day with me getting just about everything I meant to do in the studio-done. Except for one thing. I like to start something before I quit for the prime a canvas or a box or sketch out the next record. It keeps me excited for the next days creative session to know that something is waiting and started for me. I wasn't able to do that but look at what I did do! Featured above- Lucky Hare Green Tea box. I had fun photographing this box, spilling my sencha tea all over the place and playing with teapots and chopsticks.

This is a healing mandala I made to give to a charitable event, it will be auctioned off to benefit Gilda's Club which helps support those affected by cancer. When making these I try to think about healing, wellness and joy. I try not to let any negative thoughts pop into my head. It is a lot like meditation. I need to make one of these for myself!

And this is a set of records I'm shipping off to New York this morning. The Mondrian record set! They look great as a set and so I made a listing for Made To Orders on my Etsy site in case anyone wanted to order a set. Thats my cat Poppy making her photographic debut.
Today is post office, yoga and supply run day. My glue gun has bit the dust and I need to grab a few essentials. I also have the mineral MOLYBDENUM on my supply list and am hoping this helps heal my ailments. Looks like the high is going to be 44 so I'm gonna bundle and hope yoga gets me all warmed up (it will).
It's been a thoroughly busy week and it's not over for me yet as I like to work on Saturdays and Sundays. Have fun everyone and if anything in this post caught your eye you should check out my Etsy Shop!

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