Saturday, January 08, 2011

Creative Weekend!

Yesterday I finished this little jaguar box! I was so thrilled to be able to work with my new onlays (the little carved wood decoration on top of the box) and glad I picked some more up at the store yesterday. I have lots of blank boxes and valentine carding supplies to work with now. I love supply runs! I also snagged a little wooden box purse and some wood experiments to try. I'm also going to try putting little "feet" on some of the boxes and see how that goes. So much to do, so many ideas in my brain so it's a good thing the weather forecast is calling for SNOW tomorrow and I can lock myself away all weekend and work on stuff. Although I am sad my hike tomorrow will have to be postponed, I really needed a good hike to recharge the senses.
Yesterday was also my first YOGA class which I have added onto my already exercise-centric schedule of Pilates, biking and running. Yoga made my wrists and shoulders sore, I'm doing something wrong I'm sure. Downward dog is a struggle, hopefully in time I'll get the hang of this.
I finally had my first sale of the year yesterday evening and sold a few records from the Etsy shop! WOOOOHHOOOOOO! I was getting scared since I just went and bought supplies and my funds are dying slowly every day that I don't sell anything. Marked almost everything in my shop down so hopefully I can get some more sales rolling in.
Featured in another treasury, these make my day! Check out this cool homage to Brittania called "Dreaming Of A British Vacation" by OhCanada on Etsy.
Today is priming records day....laundry, sweeping, mopping and general maintenance and then a very creative weekend in the studio.
Everyone have a great weekend, throw a snowball or two!
(Jaguar box can be found at my etsy shop)

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