Thursday, January 06, 2011

Good News!

Nothing like good news to invigorate your creative sensibilities. My trip to the doctor yesterday brushed off all my fears of having Diabetes. I am in the clear of that at this stage of the game! Still keeping a vigilant watch on my diet and health and making some changes for the best.
I finished this special project box- which is a bit of a secret until it's all complete- but expect to see this box again new and improved for a special reason down the line.

It has been fun doing these new boxes, making them look rusticated and adding new elements to them. I hand cut the felt for the inside to look like leaves and made a special tag to go along with the boxes. Something I'd like to start doing for some new boxes, really making them special.
Today I'm focusing on doing a jaguar box with my new wooden carved inserts and a tiger record painting. It will be good luck to have these animals around in the studio. Gearing up for a couple of things next month, save the dates:
FEB 12 - UNDERGROUND at South Side On Lamar 8PM, check my website to learn more. Speaking of my website, I don't think I mentioned that is now Tiger Bee Arts and you can access it at, you can keep up with my upcoming events and news and there are some photo galleries posted of various events I've participated in.
The other date to save is another TOMS event! I really have fun at these! Feb 19th I'll be at NorthPark again painting Toms shoes. For every pair that is bought a pair goes to a child in need. It's a wonderful cause and you get your shoes customized by artists at no extra cost to you! I'll keep you guys updated as the time gets closer. February is poppin'!
Much to do today, hopefully everyone is enjoying good health and a wonderful week!

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