Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mid Week Mess

This was created for yesterdays HOUR SWAP project, if you're keeping up with that you know a lucky person is getting a painting that took me ONE HOUR to create in exchange for one hour of their hourly wage. That one went for $9! Follow my other blog The Art Of Poverty "Experiments in Unemployment" if you're interested in getting an art piece for insane $9! Or if you're interested to see how crazy it is trying to live off your own wit, skill and creativity. It's like Survivor but I have yet to succumb to eating grub worms or killing my chickens!
I looked around my place yesterday and, this place is a mess. For all intent and purpose it looks like Christmas is still going strong in my living room. EVERYTHING holiday is still up down to the cheery wreath on my front door-which tells the whole world you're slackin' or still waiting on a late delivery from Santa. I would be the former.
I promised my Mom I'd lunch with her today and then I have band practice this evening so my studio is not gonna get much action today but if I can I will be disassembling anything holly and jolly and starting to put my cave back into place.
Somehow Im going to try to squeeze an Hour Swap project in but it's gonna be tight. Hope everyone is enjoying hump day as much as me! WHEEEEE!

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