Monday, January 10, 2011


It's cold mornings like this that make it REALLY hard to climb out of warm pj's and leave the house. 30 degrees. BRRRR! Have to, have to, have to (trying to motivate myself), have to, have to.
I got quite a lot done yesterday in the creative department. I finished this TIGER AND BLOSSOM AND BEE record, some valentine cards and almost finished an order for a Mondrian record set. When that is done I want to take some photos of it because those look really cool as a set on the walls.
I also laid the groundwork for another mandala record and a new box...but I have to go to the post office this morning and then Pilates so all my projects have to wait.
Oh Monday! You are so busy!
Hope everyone has an awesome week, hopefully I can get a treasury up by tonight. It is my goal!

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