Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rain Puddles

The weather icons on my computer screen show a grey rain cloud and rightly so. It is raining and has been for a few hours. A perfect day for staying in and working on a new project.
Only- I also need to get groceries and this is where it gets complicated. You see, I have no car. Never have. I get my groceries on my bike and well...rain just kinda sucks to do the grocery trip in especially when you add into it that it's 41 degrees. So I'm hoping for a rain reprieve, a raincheck from the rain. Dear Rain, please stop for like...2 hours so I can go get groceries. Please. Thanks.
Yesterday I ran out for supplies, I'm trying my hand at schmancy invitations and had to get nice paper. I also saw this paper punch that I had to have- I tell myself- even though it was out of my budget. So now I feel compelled to punch paper and try to make my money back on it. I'll post pics of my efforts later this weekend.
Thoroughly busy weekend making invitations, new stuff for the shop and a flier for the next gig. Oh yeah, The Shapes are playing a reunion show on Feb. 25th and I gotta get the graphic word out!

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