Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yesterday was a day of fun experiments on wood panels. I bought these nice little 7" x 7" wood panels and decided to see what I could do in ONE HOUR. The end result was this:

As I sat there trying to decide on a nice price to list it on Etsy - the idea struck me...how about charging one hour of someones hourly work wage for one hour of my painting time on this painting. It would be fair and affordable and would get my work to someone who might not be able to afford it otherwise. Not sure how to accomplish this on Etsy I decided to make it a purely Facebook and Blog experiment. Want to see what happened? Go to: the art of poverty to find out!
Above is another wood panel I did just for kicks, I'm playing with my paper cutter and this piece kind of reminded me of Matisse and his cut paper forms and colors. I am itching to get at a canvas but know I need to create some smaller works for Underground before I can.

I also have an order for a France Gall box and I need more valentines in my shop as we approach that holiday. I also need to dust off my bass guitar and get in tune for The Shapes show coming up. We start practice this week!
My other blog has definitely lit a fire under me and made me put my foot to the pedal on trying to create more money leaves on my tree. Not sure if it is pure luck or what but I had a sale last night in the Etsy shop!

Wave bye bye to Mr. Tiger Record!
Time to go update my other blog and in case you're interested I'll be doing another "HOUR SWAP" today so stay tuned to the Art Of Poverty blog to see if you can get a painting for like $12.78 or see if I sink or swim....da da dunnnnnnnn!

(pictured above: Papercut Painting Vines on Wood $15 in my etsy shop and "Against The Grain-The Hour Swap Project" 7" x 7" acrylic on wood panel)


ED BULEY said...

Your personality is your soul.

fuzzbuzz said...

I believe this is true! Thanks for reading :)

ED BULEY said...

You are welcome. Your personality was essentially created from two other personalities (mother/father), so in one sense, you were born with a split-personality. Your mission in life is to change your split-minded personality into a single-minded one before you die. Thereby, you become the sole owner of your soul. Developing your personality is Spiritual Evolution.