Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nothing from Nothing

"Ripple Effect"
7" x 7" acrylic on wood panel
Winning Bid: $10
My Pilates teacher has a little saying she likes to throw out there while we're struggling to not die on the floormats in a half crunch we've been holding for a full minute...she says "Nothing from nothing equals nothing! Something from something equals something!" Which of course means- your effort will provide gains and she is right- not only has my effort in Pilates already provided me with gains (or losses I should say, bye bye 3 lbs!) but it is a good thing to remember when you're working on other parts of your life. Put in the effort! Things aren't just going to magically happen by themselves. So when sales were NOT coming through my door via ETSY I figured I had better put some effort in and use the ol noggin'...that was the impetus for my other blog. 2 Blogs is not so easy to keep up with- especially when you're trying to keep your content varied. And then add on to it that one blog requires you to work for it, work hard so that you not only gain readers but buyers! But something from something equals something and I'm in it to win it.
I was feeling silly yesterday and have been enjoying watching Sanford and Son on Antennae TV (33.2 here in DFW) so yesterdays HOUR SWAP was..."Fred G. Sanford" and he sold at a bid of $10! A steal! I painted him not only because he is funny but like me- a little entrepreneur doing what he had to do to make it. In his case- collect junk. In my case hustle artwork.
I updated my website with more about the project and hope to see this thing grow- at least get a little handful of pieces into the hands of those who would like to collect art but can't afford to- not at gallery prices anyway.
Today I have orders to work on (YAY! WORK!) and do you actually think I got my Christmas tree taken down and anything cleaned yesterday?
Big Fat No.
Nothing from nothing equals nothing after all...or a bunch of dirty dishes, hairballs and a dirty house.

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