Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day of The Year

It's the Last Day of the Year and I'm feeling better. Not completely free of the cold- but better. Spent yesterday working on a Tea Box (pictured above) and a record piece I'm posting to Etsy later. The last days of 2010 have been kind in the Treasury dept. I've been featured in a few and also a blog! Check these lovely treasuries out:

Year of The Rabbit Treasury and A List For Our Mondrian Times with the Mondrian inspired blog

I'll be thanking all the treasury makers and blog writers next week with a blog feature on their Etsy Shops, so heads up for that!
Keeping my head up and looking forward to 2011. Itching to get some more creating done today but the house can't go into the New Year looking like this so it's cleaning day for me.
Everyone have a safe and enjoyable end to the New Year and I wish you lots of good Health, Happiness and Creative Time!

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