Monday, November 29, 2010

My Day Off

Mondays are typically my day off from being crafty in the studio. But I would hardly call it a day off. Up at 5:30 to check the shop, charge the ipod and get ready for Pilates and the Post Office. Taking all the orders to ship out today!
Then it will be a quick bite of lunch downtown and jumping the train to go get more supplies. Then back on the train downtown to catch another bus homeward- I'm figuring this is going to be an all day affair and I'll be putting in as many hours as most of you heading out to work today.
But this evening Im doing NOTHING!
Today is the last day of the big sale I've been running, tomorrow the BLACKCYBER1 code becomes inactive and I have the fun task of changing every listing manually back to normal. So BUY EVERYTHING so I don't have to do this! Ha!
Sold a bunch of Christmas cards, listed a few more and will be starting on commissioned stuff so people can have their gifts in time.
Wish me luck or another pot of coffee, here I go!


René said...

your a busy little creative tigerbee!

fuzzbuzz said...

you said it, i think it runs in the family ;-)