Thursday, November 18, 2010


Yesterdays trip to get art supplies proved fruitful as is proven by that lovely picture of my Paciugo treat! Dark chocolate vs Mediterranean Sea Salt Caramel...mmm!
I couldn't have chosen a better day to go box hunting, not only was the store fully stocked with new boxes but the weather was gorgeous. When you commute by train and bus you have to pay close attention to the weather forecast. When I heard Wednesday was going to be the warmest day of the week I marked that as THE day.
Overheard lots of funny and interesting conversations on my trip. One guy proclaimed he was going to see someone who he thought was dead but turned out not to be.
What a wonderful surprise it must've been to find out someone you thought was lost forever really wasn't and you could make up for lost time. He had health problems and used a cane. I sat listening to him and some other people talk about the cane he made out of pecan wood. When the lady he was talking to brought up making a cane from bamboo he said "Oh I've made a cane from bamboo before. You know those make good pipes and bongs?". He then regaled them with the tale that the lady he was going to see (the one he thought was dead) had hung out with Joan Baez in San Francisco in the 60's, his exact words were "they would walk down Haight, smoking marijuana and passing out flowers. If you can smoke marijuana and pass out flowers with Joan Baez then you are the right kinda person!"
Got a tasty lunch at Central Market and sat down at the long table facing the street. Midway through my charred eggplant and capers an older man sat down across from me and struck up a conversation. He was humorous and we talked about where we were in life. He asked what I did and I said "Starving artist" and then we both laughed at the full plate of food in front of me.
Turns out he is an actor and producer working on a movie. He asked if he could have the food I was going to toss to give to the birds outside. Apparently this is a ritual thing for him. We exchanged business cards and then I was en route to my Paciugo and art supply mission.

Saw a few of these boogers. Out of Service trains that get your hopes up and then kick you in the shins when they get close enough to read.
There was a generally friendly vibe in the air, strangers talking to each other, sharing stories and advice. Not long after I got home the winds started howling and the temps started dropping. Got my supply run done in the nick of time!
Todays project is finishing the English Tea Box I've been working on and visiting my Mom.
Have a great one and keep it kind!

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