Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Yesterday as I was out priming records I noticed a mosquito hovering around me trying to get a good angle on a bite. A mosquito! In November! Usually about this time I am rounding up sheddings from the trees and vines to make my natural holiday wreath but it has still been pretty warm and of course- the mosquitoes. Where is my Fall? I shan't curse it too much though because I do rely heavily on the weather for most everything. I need the good sun for taking photos of my art and crafty things so I can put them on the web to sell. Rain and cold temps are not conducive to good paint priming either. Not to mention I have been carless for going on three years and ride my bike and bus wherever I need to go.
I have adapted a new style of "grocery" shopping that involves me only buying what will fit in my backpack and perhaps a small parcel for the handlebars. I have mastered the art of tying a small brisquet to my bike with twine. While it seems the bike is enjoying a newfound renaissance of late I can't help but think my old 11 year old Shimano mountain bike as less than glamorous and view it more as my horse...my little packmule. Hardly anything stylish about it really. Anything too heavy for the backpack gets walked home from the Family Dollar down the street, not my preference to buy crappy milk there but sometimes I have no choice. But that brings me back to my point, the weather...I rely on it like a farmer these days.
Living simply and frugally these days but thankful to be working in the studio as much as possible. Each day I get to create is a wonderful day.

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