Monday, November 15, 2010

I Heart Mondays

Mondays, mondays....the bane of everyones existence. I happen to like Mondays but then again I'm not reporting to a cubicle right now. Maybe in due time I will hate them again too. I like that Monday is the start of a new week and as sadistic as it sounds it is a day I put myself through a lot of pain. 3 miles on the elliptical machine, 30 minutes of strength training and an hour getting my butt kicked by Delia- my Pilates instructor who has a killer body for a woman who I'm guessing is in her late forties/early fifties. Yowch you should see this woman! So I basically physically disable myself for about two days after class. But every week I can feel my body getting stronger and I remember my very first class with Delia and how broken my back was and how weak everything was. It's enough to keep me on track every Monday like clockwork.
Monday is also studio cleaning day. I'm really going to put some thought into this today and try to make my studio neat and comprehensible, I'd like to submit my studio photo to the Etsy group pool. I have a thing for looking at other peoples studios. Nerdy, I know.

Yesterday I made some Christmas cards and gift tags and practiced "staging" photos. I think my gift tags photo came out pretty snazzy if I may say so. And of course, playing with Christmas decorations is always fun. I made a small advertisement for my Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale which you can peep here
and just tightened up some things in my Etsy shop.
New week, lots to do. Busy in the hive trying to stay alive!
Keep it kind.

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