Friday, November 26, 2010

Release the Hounds!

Just finished a Fox Box for the shop and I'm pretty enamored with it I must say! The store is now fully stocked with boxes, vinyl record art, paintings, cute flower pots and some holiday cards...something for everyone! For him, for her, for the gardener, for the tea drinker and trinket collector, for the artistically inclined, rocker or a record lover. Do go check out the SWEET DEALS- take 20% off the price you see by using the code BLACKCYBER1 when you check out. And all the holiday cards have FREE SHIPPING on top of their 20% markdown. All hand made! All hand painted! Unique and made with Love!
Where? Here!

Everything with the exception of paintings looks to be under $44.00!

Let's all give a warm send off to my Bike and Bunny record, he was sold yesterday and will be off to California soon. Bon Voyage Bun Bun!
I'm going to make another treasury today to thank some of the kind sweet people who have put me in some of late and then I'm going to poke around Etsy's Black Friday Sales and see what I can see.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and found lots to be thankful for!

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