Sunday, November 14, 2010

Have paintbrush will travel

Keeping your eyes open for opportunity is a great way to not be on the far side of the house when Opportunity comes a-knockin'. Woke up to find that I've secured a gig for next Saturday...painting! I'll get a nice days pay for a few hours of painting work and I get to get out of the house and hang out at the mall. I never go to the mall. Maybe once a year. Will have to fight the temptation to go into Bath and Bodyworks and spend all my pay.
Thank you for listening Universe and please keep it coming!

Spent yesterday finishing the Mondrian record and completing a Chinese folk paper cut design record. Read a TON about marketing, what I need to do to sell for the holidays and how to take better photos. I am experimenting with these settings I never knew I had on my camera and practicing "styling" the photo. Here is my simple attempt at staging with my Mondrian record

Staging makes the photo a little more interesting and creative. It will draw the viewer in for a better look. Need tons of practice with this but will have plenty of opportunity to practice.
Today I'm working on Christmas cards and gift tags. Found some wonderful paper in my stash of remnants I can't wait to start on. Crafty weekend for me! Look for me at the mall next weekend, I'll have more details on where I'll be this week. Until then- have a great weekend!

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