Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sale in progress!

The sale is in full swing and will be going all weekend long and into CYBER MONDAY! If you use the discount code BLACKCYBER1 you get 20% off the price you see. Wonderful deals! Here's what sold yesterday- the Flora Cabernet record above and this sweet Ringo Record Mirror!

Don't let any more sweet deals slip through your fingers! Today Im offering the first customer of the day a FREE Holiday card with purchase- complete the handmade gift with a handmade card. So thoughtful!
For the gardener or for your first herb garden:
This sweet little handpainted Jaguar pot. The word "JARDIN" is Spanish for Garden- totally sweet in the kitchen with a nice herb plant growing in it. Discounted price $12.80!

For the Tea Drinker:
An English Tea Box is the perfect gift for that person you know who takes tea like clockwork everyday! WOnderful box holds LOTS of tea bags so you can minimize all those cardboard tea boxes taking up space in your cupboard. Cheers mate! New discount price $28.80!

I could go on....and on but just check out my shop and you'll see what a great deal you can find if you shop this weekend! Shop my Etsy Sale:

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