Friday, November 12, 2010

Freshen it Up Friday

It's Friday and it looks like rain in the forecast so I've decided to spend a good chunk of the morning CLEANING and freshening up the place. My studio has gotten a little on the messy side as you can see from the photo. By the by... I put gridwall up around my table to kind of "lock" myself in away from my cats who like to come a'bothering when they see me not giving them my every minutes attention. It sort of works, sometimes and of course my guy has taken to calling me Louie DePalma (the show taxi, Danny Devito sits in a little dispatch cage) which is hilarious!
Yesterday found me working on some Christmas cards and a Mondrian record and researching more marketing advice. One sale a week is not going to keep a roof over my head so I need to ramp things up, look for some local consignment places and hit a different audience. Should be getting some nice promotional materials I ordered next week.

The holidays are coming up and it's nice to be home and in the moment to enjoy them. Am going to work on some Christmas card sets this afternoon and hopefully discover some magic marketing venue online that won't require a big advertising fee. Being your own boss is the hardest work you can do. Poor but happy right now and sure things will start looking up in time.
The Winter Solstice treasury had three sales last time I checked. That is pretty cool, I am glad I was able to promote some other peoples shops and get them some business. Support handmade! If you've not seen my latest stuff go here:
TIGER BEE and if you want to get 20% off your next purchase sign up for my mailing list here:
Happy Friday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Your studio is absolutely perfect...You are fantastic!

fuzzbuzz said...

Aw thanks sweetie, you are fantastic! ;-)