Friday, November 19, 2010

A Tale of Two Treasuries

Have you ever just not been feeling the love? And then out of the blue you are pleasantly surprised from the most unlikely source? Well, that was me yesterday. I had asked my facebook friends to share my link around and got all of two people to help me. Little Red Hen much? I'm showing my age with that comment! :-)
Anyway by the end of the night I had been featured in TWO treasuries by total Etsy strangers, how's that for the world being a wonderful place? Funny thing is-they are both featuring the same record. Twiggy- you are adored!
Check out both treasuries as they are both stocked with wonderful stuff, first on the queue was a treasury by
GetReadySetGO with a vinyl record lean.

Baby, Put Your Records ON!
Check out the previous post for more on GetReadySetGO!

Get your kicks on CARNABY STREET at Flapperdoodle's fab little retro treasury! And DO check out Flapperdoodles shop and meet Ramona and Eloise, her fantastic flapper characters that are so whimsical and elegant I was smitten immediately.

Thank you unknown comrades in the handmaking army, thanks for taking the time to show a little care. And isn't that what it's all about?


danielle said...

dang i must have missed that question. where was my mind? sorry. i'll spread the love now!


aw, i totally hear you on "not feeling the love". but YAY for 2 random features:) that is the beauty of etsy right? thanks for the double shout-out to GRSG:) you rock!

fuzzbuzz said...

Thanks for the treasury Rachel and Dani thanks for the blog shout out! <3

René said...

on spreading the word, i'm thinking...postcards!

fuzzbuzz said...

I just got some in the mail ;-)