Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some Kind Of Wonderful

Every morning before I get out of bed I thank the powers that be for everything. Life, Health, Friends, Family, Shelter, Food, Clothing, Love and for the ability to work with my hands to put food on the table. The feeling of gratitude is overwhelming.
Leaving the house to go to the post office with a heavy bag to ship off to customers- WONDERFUL. I will gladly carry that heavy load!
My Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale was GREAT! Sold lots of pieces to friends and strangers. Truly a time to be thankful.
Yesterday was Cyber Monday and completely dead in my shop until the sun went down. Promptly sold both of my English Tea Boxes, a hefty handful of holiday cards and a record mirror! Thankfully my trip to get supplies yesterday was fruitful and I have lots of blank boxes and more mirrors for making. Happy, yes I am happy right now. I love making things for other people to enjoy!
Now that the sale is over I'll be getting down to the commissions I've got and still offering some deals in my shop: FREE shipping on Holiday cards until Dec. 10th and $3 off RECORDS in the U.S until Dec. 10th. Got some stuff to pack up nice and ship away, busy day! Have a wonderful day!

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