Monday, November 15, 2010

National HOW ARE YOU DOING Day or how the Like Button Killed Dialog

So you've tweeted how many beers you drank at Bar X, logged your heart rate and exercise workout on some fancy schmancy app and let your friends know every detail of your lunch and @what restaurant you ate've had a BUSY day!!!

You've "checked in" to buy groceries at Walmart and I can only hope hasn't been tracking your every move and knows you're not at home babysitting the XBOX. You pressed the LIKE button about 40 times on your FB friends pages and that qualifies as "keeping in touch". Some people who used to be good friends of mine I only know are still alive because they "LIKED" a youtube link I posted.

The world is becoming weird. Do you know what your Mom had for lunch @what restaurant? Maybe let's "check in" to the real world and maybe send a comprehensive and concerned message written in the English (Spanish, Japanese, whatever you speak) language to a friend or family member instead of hitting LIKE and moving on with logging our every move of the day. I declare today "Ask someone how they are doing day!"
How do you celebrate this day? Simply ask someone "How are you doing?" be it a stranger or friend. A good candidate could also be the person who asked how you were doing and your reply was something that resembled :-) or THX!
And maybe lay off that LIKE button just a little bit, just for today.


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I see your Like and I raise you one!