Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Taking time to smell the leaves

The leaves have turned some amazing shades of yellow, orange and red and today I get to step out and enjoy the foliage. Sort of. I'll be en route to gather more supplies but will take time to smell the, leaves.
I'm going box hunting! Need some boxes for some commissions and I'd like to stock the store with a particular favorite- Tea Boxes.
I'm also out of felt and want to glance at holiday stamps. Slightly addicted to making Christmas cards right now shall we say?
While I'm out and about I suppose I'll stop at Paciugo and treat myself for all my hard work. The Mediterranean Sea Salt Caramel I had a sample of has been singing it's siren song to me for weeks. I will just get the smallest size, Thanksgiving is coming up and I don't need any more extra calories if I can help it.
Yesterday I did some more cards (sequin and swarovski card pictured above - now in the etsy shop ) and primered some commission boxes. Had a couple of friends tell me they would be taking me up on my CREATIVE CHALLENGE so I can't wait to see what they come up with. Slowly but surely the Etsy store is being stocked for the BLACK FRIDAY-CYBER MONDAY SALE. I'll talk more about that soon.
Until then, happy creating and keep it kind!

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