Sunday, November 21, 2010

Creative Challenge: CREATED!

I was thrilled to get a few bites on my Creative Challenge of the week. The Challenge being CREATE SOMETHING THIS WEEK- it could have been anything from a song, sketch, casserole (share the recipe please!), doodle...anything. Here are some creations for you to enjoy!
Featured above is Dexter Sleeping by San Francisco artist Rene Rodriguez. Not only is Rene a talented artist, triathalonist and awesome gal- she's also my sister! Dexter is my honorary nephew- isn't he cute! Sweet dreams Dexter!

Next in the queue is a wonderful poem/handmade creation by local (sometimes) Carlin Stultz. Carlin is one of my art collectors as well as being a wonderful supporter of the local music scene in DFW. Here is her creation Heartbroken and she has sewn up the heart with mementos inside, one of which is this little poem she wrote: "Teach me to sew & I'll sew back your heart.
To how it was before the lies & betrayal did start.
The innocence, the joy & hope for tomorrow.
You deserve it as well as I do, with no sorrow.
I'll reserve just a little space for me to abide.
So you can keep my true love & loyalty inside."
-Carlin Stultz
I think it's wonderfully sweet!
Here is one of my own creations this week:

This is just one of the many pair of TOMS shoes I had the honor of painting yesterday. If you scroll a few posts down you can read more about TOMS but the big thing to note is that for every pair of shoes thats bought at TOMS they give away a pair for free to a child in need. I think they just hit the millionth pair and are still trekking. It was really a lot of fun and made me feel warm and fuzzy inside to participate in this. The girl who got her cherry blossom shoes came to find me and tell me she loved them and THANKS!
Which brings us to our next weeks creative challenge. Since it's the week of Thanksgiving the Creative Challenge is to create a THANK YOU something this week. Whatever it may be, get creative and keep it kind!
(Want to participate in the creative challenge? Send your creation to


René said...

Fun creations! The only time I can get Dexter to pose for me is when he is napping. The Tom's shoes look cozy and cute!

fuzzbuzz said...

They do look cozy, I need to try some on. Mom might like em!