Friday, November 19, 2010

Hive Five!

Many moons ago, before life got strange and complicated, I used to do a Five For Friday blog spotlight on Etsy sellers who just happened to be at the right place at the right time. That place being the Promotions Forum on Etsy and the right time being quick enough to just say "ME ME ME!" and be the first five.
I decided to resume the tradition ( and while I can't say it will happen every Friday it will happen at least once a month) and bring to you todays lucky 5, let's give them all Hive Fives for all their hard work. Handmaking is a labor of love:

Kneatknit Creations Kneatknit knits all kinds of lovely scarves and hats and I was particularly drawn to this "short" scarf- such a pretty green! It's an acrylic and wool blend and looks super warm for the upcoming winter ahead. Kneatknit will be running a Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale so go make your list and catch a deal!

Hampshire Rose You know darn well what is right around the corner, you've probably even stopped eating just so you can prepare for it. THANKSGIVING! Luckily for you all your fun photos and memories can be preserved in one of Hampshire Roses little mini albums! Each page looks so fun to turn and there are many themes to choose from so get snappin'!

Elephant Trunk Studio I am loving this print over at Elephant Trunk Studio! There is also a smaller mini version but wouldn't this look lovely framed on your wall? Love the "wrinkly" technique that went into this, lots of elephants over here-stomp on over!

GreenGabby is a new store and I really favor these unique holiday cards! Lovely design (you all know I heart Nature) and simple, not your average square card! These come with envelopes and are really striking, there are also snowflakes and other styles so go peep them out!

Our last Hive Five goes out to
Can you believe I only got FOUR takers for free promotion yesterday? GetReadySetGO just happened to put me in a Treasury last night as I was waiting for my fifth taker- and that dear sirs and madams is the stuff rewards are made of!
I chose this lovely case out of her collection of beautiful vintage hand embellished luggage and cases because- I have one just like it! Only it's not just like it really- it doesn't have that really cool black feather design and is rather beat up and dusty. These are wonderful for your cosmetics and have a gigantic mirror so you can get gussied up on the go. Check out her fab collection now!
Big HIVE FIVES to all the makers out there, you make the world a more wonderful place!


Ann said...

Lovely post with beautiful items, Happy Friday!

fuzzbuzz said...

Thanks for checking it out Ann! Have a beautiful weekend!


thank you thank you for the feature in your high five goodness:) i'm honored!

Elephant Trunk Studio said...

Great Hive Five pics! I'm giving you a virtual High 5 right now. (I'm so cheesy) Have a great weekend. :)

Everle said...

Thank you so much for featuring my shop and my Bulky Rib Mini Scarf!

fuzzbuzz said...

Thanks everyone for peeking into the hive and doing what you do!

The High Plains Knitter said...

Love that scarf!

Joanne said...

These are some great items!