Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dec 22nd- Closer

Yesterday saw me finishing up this Kitty Cat Box for a Christmas order and now there is one order left in the shop. A Ramones box. I can officially clock out for Christmas once this is done!
A quick trip to the doctor to put my spine back in place and then I'll get busy juggling the box and grocery getting. I woke up to see that Santa had been hard at work putting my new bike basket onto my bike. Poor Santa! My mountain bike didn't have some of the things that normal bikes have for mounting such things so Santa had to use a hacksaw and some special parts from Home Depot to get my basket on. Everything is a hard task around here. But it's on! And I can't wait to see how much I can carry in it!
Vacation for me will most likely be a lot of cleaning and organizing but it will be a nice break from sitting hunched over with a paintbrush in my claw for a few days.
Well, much to do and SOON so have a great one!

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